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Stage SEO&Marketing Manager h/F

Miaustore - 18/10/2019
Domaine : Marketing - Vente
Référence : InternshipSEO
About Miaustore:

Miaustore is a startup that sells drinking fountains for cats, everywhere in europe. Thanks to different unusual marketing campaigns miaustore has ended up on the front page of the biggest newspaper in Switzerland, as well as the Mirror in the UK, among many other media channels. We've also received requests from Germany's biggest TV channel Pro 7 to do a show about Miaustore.

Miaustores Mission is to make it more easy and rewarding to own a cat, for as many people as possible. We do this by developing innovative cat products like our drinking fountain and selling them on our website in over 14 different european countries. We have a lovely office in the center of Barcelona, very close to the beach and right next to the famous ciutadella Park. In the office is a small international team of 5 to 10 cat enthusiasts and our office kitten.

About this Internship:

We are now offering the unique opportunity up to one student. We are searching for a Dutch to create blogs that help hundreds of thousands of people with the problems they have with their cat. You will be working with a Experienced veterinarian who writes articles, and our Chief Web Officer will personally coach you on how to use these articles to create compelling websites that could reach over a hundred thousand cat owners over the years. During that process you will learn extremely valuable internet marketing and media publication knowhow that you can't learn anywhere else. We are known to pay our interns very well compared to other companies in barcelona.

You will also be creating partnerships with other cat bloggers for reviews. You will have also have a goal that is SEO-based, though you will be taught and helped with everything you need.

Job Type: Internship


B2: Upper Intermediate in English

Disponibility: ASAP


Job Type: Internship

Salary: 300.00€ /month

Compétences : english

Cette offre est disponible dans plusieurs pays : Royaume-Uni

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